Everything You Need to Know about the New iStock Credits

Although there are some changed with the iStock pricing, the stock photo agency still allows you to purchase royalty-free images and illustrations in two ways: subscription plans and credits. You can either pay per download with credits or subscribe and save with a plan. The new pricing still allow you to download images, vectors and video clips with iStock credits, but there are some significant changes. Let us consider some of them.

  • When you buy more, you save more. This is an old feature, but one that does not need to be changed. Many photo buyers are happy about this feature. That’s why the stock photo website decide to retain it.
  • The credits never expire. This is another feature that we all love about the iStock credits. They do not expire, which means you can download images whenever you need. You do not have to worry about expiration dates.
  • The base package contain 1 credit. With one credit, you can purchase one Essential image. On the other hand, a Signature image takes 3 credits. So if you purchase 18 credits, you have the option to purchase 18 Essential images, 6 Signature images or anything in between.
  • The discount starts steep but buying more offers a better deal. You can purchase credits by 1, 3, 6, 18, 36, 60, 150, and 300. If you need a larger package, you can contact the stock site. The discounts start at 10% but increases as the size of the package also increase.
  • It is more affordable than Shutterstock. The minimum credit package is more affordable at iStock. Shutterstock offers the smallest package with 2 images at $29, you can get a 1 credit package for only $15.
  • Credit balances are changing. If you have remaining credits on your account, they will be adjusted at a 5:1 conversion rate, rounding up in your favor. For instance you have 18 credits left on your account. It will be divided into 5, so 18 divided by 5 equals 3. The remainder 3 credits will be round up. Ultimately, you will get 4.
  • Pricing will no longer be based on size. Contrary to now, there will be no size-based pricing. You can choose any size that fits your creative project for the same prize. You can also upgrade your downloads from small to large after the change.

The changes on iStock credits are now on effect. It gives you a better value, even for a higher price. You will be able to download any image size at the same price. The only difference in prices will happen in the kind of collection. Whatever you choose, always go back to the ultimate rule in buying stock images: Choose and purchase a package that fits your creative needs and budget.  

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